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Newaygo, MI, 49337
United States

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Myles Cronk



When you put a creative, artistic mind in a hardware store long enough, you’re bound to get something unique from it. This is where the idea of Third Coast Keys was born. Myles has spent a good chunk of his life working at his family’s hardware store in Newaygo, Michigan. His creative talents have taken him through many media’s: welding, juggling, video production, woodworking, photography and now, keys.

Third Coast Keys is more then a novel idea.

Keys are the gateway to things special in life. A home, cottage, apartment and other prized possessions. Things we hold close to us. So why not represent these things with a unique key cut. Own a key that will stand out among the millions of other dull styles. We’ve all been there before, scrambling through the key ring trying to fit the right key to its corresponding lock. Or finding that random key in the junk drawer that no one knows what it belongs to. Make it easier on yourself. Get a key that’s as memorable as the locks they belong to. 





PO Box 44
Newaygo, MI 49337

Monday–Friday 9am–5pm
Saturday 12am–5pm